Monster Park Bomarzo

Monster Park Bomarzo - Orcus Mouth

The Monster Park in Bomarzo is one of the most famous attractions in the Viterbo area. It is located in a forest just outside the city and is especially interesting for people traveling with children.

Monster Park Bomarzo

History and description

Dragon and elephant, Monster Park Bomarzo
Dragon and elephnat.

The Monster Park is officially called the Sacro Bosco di Bomarzo, or “Sacred Forest of Bomarzo”. In reality, it does not matter what it is called, it is a wonderful place to take children to.

The park is located in a beautiful setting, with the Palazzo Orsini on one side and large rock formations on the other. It was the occupant of this palace, Prince Orsini himself, who had the forest on his property decorated with a number of grotesque monster statues.

The architect was Pirro Ligorio and the creator of the sculptures themselves was Simone Moschino. The park was laid out in 1547.

Apart from the many statues, there are also two interesting buildings in the park: the “Leaning House” (Casa Pendente), which leans to one side, and the “Temple of Eternity”, which is dedicated to the memory of Giulia Farnese.

Bosco Sacro Bomarzo
Sweet little monster in the monster park.

The best Monsters of the Monster Park

The statue of Hercules, who is up against a whole gang of monsters and mythological animals. Protagonists include a mermaid, an Amazon and a quite impressive turtle.

The “Mouth of Hell”, in which an adult human being can stand upright. The beast of which this mouth is a part is called Orcus and above the mouth one can read an inscription claiming that “all thoughts fly”. The acoustics inside the mouth create some strange effects.

One of the elephants in Hannibal’s army is a bit angry with a Roman soldier and shows it.

Useful information

The address of the Sacro Bosco is Località Giardino, 01020 Bomarzo (tel. +39 0761924029).

Opening Hours: Every day from 08.30 to 19.00.

Entrance fee: 10 Euro. (Children 4-13: 8 Euro; children under 4: Free).

(Note that opening hours and tariffs are subject to change.)

Monster Park, Bomarzo

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