Monte Compatri travel guide

Monte Compatri is  a hill town in the province of Rome, in an area that is best known as the Castelli Romani. It is located around 20 kilometers south-east of Rome itself and has fewer than 10.000 inhabitants.

Monte Compatri travel guide

Useful information

Tourist information office: None.

Town hall: Palazzo Comunale – Piazza del Mercato, 1 – 00077 Monte Compatri.

Public transport: From Rome you can take the metro (line C) to the stop Monte Compatri-Pantano, followed by a bus to the historical center. The train station Colle Mattio is located on the FR6 railway line between Rome and Frosinone.

Tourist Attractions Monte Comprati

Monte Compatri
Monte Compatri
  • Palazzo Borghese: In the Middle Ages for a period of time Monte Comprati was a fief of the Borghese family. Nowadays the palazzo is the town hall of the city.
  • Church of Santa Maria Assunta in Cielo: This church was designed by Carlo Rainaldi and commissioned by Scipione Borghese. It was built between 1630 and 1633 and the campanile used to be the communal tower.
  • Gabii: An ancient city in the frazione Osteria dell’Osa of Monte Comprati.
  • Museo Civico ed Enogastronomico – Città  di Monte Compatri: This museum can be found in the crypt underneath the Palazzo Borghese.
  • Monastery of San Silvestro
  • Castello della Molara
  • Church of San Michele Arcangelo
  • Church of San Lorenzo: This church is located in the Frazione of Laghetto.
  • Palazzo Annibaldeschi
  • Palazzo Altemps
  • Palazzo Passavanti: (via Placido Martini 124)
  • Fontana dell’Angelo: Fountain of the Angel, 17th century.
  • Fontana del Belvedere.

Annual events

Every year, towards the end of November, Monte Comprati hosts a festival in honor of Santa Cecilia.

A brief history of Monte Compatri

Monte Compatri was founded when the inhabitants of the Valle Latina attempted to escaped from the marauding barbarians. They took refuge on what may have been the site of the ancient city of Labicum, which in 418 BC had been destroyed by the Romans.

The earliest document mentioning the Castrum Montis Compratis dates back to 1090 AD.

The Counts of Tusculum enlarged the city, before giving it to the Annibaldi family.

In 1423, the city became property of the Colonna. In 1575, Cardinal Marco Alemps bought the village for 34,000 scudi. From the early 16th, to the 19th century, the Borghese family owned Monte Compatri.

How to get to Monte Comprati by car

From Rome, follow the Via Tuscolana.

Monte Comprati, province of Rome

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