Monte Rufeno Nature Reserve

The Monte Rufeno Nature Reserve (Riserva Naturale di Monte Rufeno) is located on the border of the regions of Lazio, Umbria and Tuscany. There is a visitor centre for this nature reserve at the Torre Julia de’ Jacopo in Acquapendente.

Monte Rufeno Nature Reserve

Useful information

Address: There is an information point at Via Julia De Jacopo, 2 – 01021 Acquapendente. The reserve itself is open 24/7. Ticket price: Free.

History and description

Wild boar in Monte Rufeno nature reserve
Wild boar

The Monte Rufeno Nature Reserve has existed since 1983. The river Paglia divides the 3,000-hectare area into two parts. The larger of these two has as its central point Monte Rufino itself, while the smaller comprises the Torre Alfina suburb of Acquapendente.

Throughout the area are old farmhouses that can be visited and where one can also get information about the nature reserve.

What to see

More than 1,000 different species of plants can be seen, some of which are very rare, such as Ophrys insectifera, one of the 39 species of orchydea found there.

Of course, various animal species can also be seen, including skunks, badgers, foxes, weasels, porcupines and wild boars, as well as rare specimens of certain deer breeds. There are also aquatic turtles and (poisonous) vipers.

Many owl species and songbirds are found in the reserve.

Apart from several old farmhouses, there is also an antique water mill, which was in use until the 1950s. Near the mill is an even older Roman bridge.

Monte Rufeno Nature Reserve

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