Monte Sacro Alto District Rome (Q. XXI)

Monte Sacro Alto is the 28th quartiere of Rome and is named for the hill with the same name. Another name for Monte Sacro Alto is Talenti, for the main square in the area.

Monte Sacro Alto District Rome (Q. XXI)

Monte Sacro Alto, which lies in the north eastern part of the city, does not have a lot to offer in the way of tourist attractions.

There are a number of churches in the district, but none of these are very interesting for tourists. The other attractions are mostly parks, including the Parco Talenti, the Parco delle Mimose and the Parco della Cecchina.

The name Talenti, by which most Romans know the district, was inherited from the family who used to own most of the land in the area before it was developed. Until the 1950’s the area was mostly used as grazing ground for cattle, but in the sixties the Talenti got permission to start building houses.

Quartiere Monte Sacro Alto – Rome

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