Monte Sacro District Rome (Q. XVI)

Monte Sacro is the name of the 16th quartiere of Rome. It is named after the hill with the same name and got its status as quartiere in 1924, then under the name Città  Giardino-Aniene. The name Monte Sacro stems from the year 1951.

Monte Sacro District Rome

History and description

Monte Sacro was created in the 1920’s as a so-called garden city, a then popular way of creating new districts in the country-side. Later the principle was applied also to suburbs of already existing cities, which is what happened with Monte Sacro.

The nucleus of the Monte Sacro garden city was the Piazza Sempione.

Unfortunately the ideas of the twenties lost their appeal in the fifties and most of the available space was filled with ugly concrete buildings.

Another one of the garden cities constructed at the time was Garbatella, which ended up as one of the city’s most popular neighborhoods.

Tourist attractions Monte Sacro district Rome

Piazza Sempione

The Piazza Sempione is a not very attractive square with a small garden. The Fountain of the Cup adorning it was inaugurated on 21 April 1925. It consists of a huge central cup made of Pentelicus marble, which was created by reassembling ancient pieces of marble.

Monte Sacro (quartiere XVI), Rome

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