Monterosi city guide

Monterosi is a small town in the utmost southern part of the province of Viterbo. It is a fairly old hill town and has a small lake on its territory. The city’s most important sources of income are agriculture, commerce and industry.

Monterosi city guide

Tourist information

Province: Viterbo. Region: Latium. ZIP Code: 01030. City code: +39 0761. City hall: Via Urbano del Drago, n. 37 – Monterosi. Inhabitants: Less than 5,000 (2021).

By car/public transportation

By car: Monterosi is located along the Via Cassia (SR2), which connects Rome to Viterbo. The distance from both provincial capitals is less than 50 km.

By public transport: The nearest railway station is the one of Ronciglione. There is a regular Co.Tra.L bus connection from the Saxa Rubra metro station in Rome (travel time 35 minutes). Co.Tra.L buses from Viterbo to Monterosi (50 minutes) are slightly less regular.

A brief history of Monterosi

Monterosi was first inhabited by the Falisci. In Roman times it was a resting station known as Rossolum.

In 1081 Pope Gregorio VII gave the town to the Abbey of Sant’Anastasio. Although at various times in the hands of influential families such as the Anguillara, the Orsini and the Prefetti di Vico, for most of the rest of the Middle Ages it remained property of this abbey.

In the 12th century, Frederick II of Swabia built a castle on the Monte della Torre, the hill dominating the town. Here, several important events took place. In 1155, Frederick I Barbarossa came to meet Pope Adriano IV, who was meant to crown him Emperor. Silly Frederick forgot to help the Pope dismount his horse, so he momentarily rejected the would-be Emperor’s request.

In 1649, assassins hired by the Farmese family murdered the bishop who had been appointed by Pope Innocent X. The Pope retaliated by having the capital of the Farnese duchy completely destroyed.

Tourist attractions

San Giuseppe Church Monterosi
Piazza Garibaldi and San Giuseppe Church

Monterosi does not have very many interesting sights.

The main churches are the 17th century Santa Croce Church and the San Giuseppe Church, which was built in the 16th century. The San Giuseppe Church has two bell towers with oriental-style domes.

The Palazzo Cardinalizio was constructed by Cardinal Alessandro Farnese in the 16th century. It is also known as Palazzo Altieri or Palazzo del Drago.

Along tje Via Cassia is a monument for an Italian army unit that managed to block the advance of a German regiment in 1943. The monument is known as the Sacrario dei Caduti.

Events and festivals

There are no ineresting festivals for tourists.

Monterosi, Province of Viterbo

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