Montesanto Church Todi

Montesanto Church Todi

The Montesanto Church and its cloister are situated on a hill a short distance from the Porta Orvietana outside the historical center of Todi.

Montesanto Church Todi

Useful Information

The address of the Chiesa di Montesanto is Viale di Montesanto 18 – Todi tel. (tel. +39 0758948886). Bus: From Todi-Ponterio station. Opening hours: Unknown. Entrance fee: Free.

History and Description

Montesanto Church Todi
Montesanto Church

The Montesanto Church stands on a hill just outside the center of Todi. In ancient times this hill was known as Monte Mascarano, the approximate meaning of which is “hill of the spirits” or “hill of the witches”. It was probably a sacred place for the ancient Umbrian civilization and contained a necropolis with temples and shrines dedicated to various gods.

It was at the bottom of this hill that in 1835 a famous bronze statue was found called the “Mars of Todi” which is now e on display in the Vatican Museums in Rome.

The church was built towards the end of the 15th century, while the monastery has been in existence since 1235, and was built for the Convent Order of the Clares, who however left it in 1367. The Albernoz then converted it into a fortress, but from 1448 it was again used as a monastery. Between 1866 and 1895, when monastic orders were prohibited, the friars had to leave the monastery.

What to see

  • In the square in front of the church there is a huge linden tree, planted here in 1428, in honor of the visit of San Bernardino da Siena to the monastery.
  • C. Sermei painted the fresco cycle in the 17th century. There are few other works of art in the church, as almost everything was looted when the monastic order was banned.
  • The Pinacoteca Comunale houses a “Madonna and Saints” by Spagna, which was originally on display in the Montesanto Church.

Montesanto Church Todi

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