Monument Victims of War Acquapendente

The Monumento dei Caduti is a monument to the memory of the inhabitants of Acquapendente who died in World War I. The monument can be seen in the Piazza della Costituente.

Monument to the Fallen of Acquapendente

The Monument to the Fallen (Monumento dei Caduti) in Acquapendente dates back to 1923 and was created by Uno Gera.

The bronze sculpture is dominated by a large Roman eagle held up by two helmeted men covered by nothing more than a flag.

At the base of the work four more eagles can be seen, with a cast iron laurel crown and the coat of arms of Acquapendente.

During World War II the monument was severely damaged. In 1954 it was restored by Domenico Creti, who also added a memorial plaque for the fallen in this last war.

On the side of the sculpture are two plaques with the names of 100 war victims.

Monument for the Victims of war, Acquapendente

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