Museo Storico Nazionale di Artiglieria Turin

The Museo d’Artiglieria in Turin is the oldest military museum in the whole of Italy. Its current seat is the Mastio della Cittadella. The oldest items of the collection date back to the Neolithic period.

Museo Storico Nazionale di Artiglieria Turin

Useful information

Address: Mastio della Cittadella, Corso Galileo Ferraris, 2 – Turin. Phone: +39 011 5629223. Opening times: Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00 till 15:30. Ticket price: Free. Note that the museum will remain closed until the end of 2023, because of restoration works.

History and description

The National Historical Artillery Museum was founded in 1731, by Carlo Emanuele III. At the time its seat was the Royal Arsenal.

The museum showcases artifacts from the Neolithic period up to the Second World War. Apart from the different kinds of weaponry, there are also uniforms and military equipment on display.

The statue near the entrance depicts the national her Pietro Micca, to whom a museum is dedicated in the city.

Museo Storico Nazionale di Artiglieria, Turin

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