Cathedral Museum Lucca

Cathedral museum Lucca

The Cathedral Museum (Museo della Cattedrale) of Lucca is located right next to the city’s Duomo itself. The collection consists of liturgical objects and works of art taken from the various churches in the area.

Cathedral Museum Lucca

Address, opening hours and ticket price

The address of the Museo della Cattedrale is Piazza Antelminelli, 5 – 55100 Lucca. Opening times: 10.00 till 18.00. Ticket price: 4 Euros. Children younger than 6: Free. Combi-ticket Cathedral + Museum + Campanile + Baptistery + Santi Giovanni and Reparata Church: 9 Euros: Combi-ticket students between 6 and 25 of age: 6 Euros.


The Cathedral Museum is located near the Oratory of San Giuseppe and was founded in 1992. Half of its collection consists of the objects used at Mass and other ecclesiastical ceremonies. The second half consists of statues and paintings taken from the various churches of the city to better preserve them.

Except for the manuscripts, which have one entire room to themselves, the exhibition is organized by chronology.

Highlights Museo del Cattedrale Lucca

An ivory diptych of consul Areobindo from the early 6th century.

A copper tin from Liege, depicting the martyrdom of Thomas Becket. Another printed and painted leather holder from Flanders.

The Croce dei Pisani (“Cross of the Pisans”), a gold cross from the early 15th century.

A choir screen is a kind of fence between the presbytery and the nave. The museum houses some choir screens made by Matteo Civitali from the 15th and 16th centuries.

Other artifacts and works of art made in Lucca at the time include paintings by Vincenzo Freudiani and silverware by Francesco Marti.

Also on display is a reliquary of Saint Sebastian, in the form of a circular temple.

There is a large collection of antique priest’s clothing and silverware made in Lucca between the 15th and 19th centuries.

An entire room is dedicated to sculptures that originally used to grace the cathedral. Highlights include a bishop’s bust from the 11th century, the “Apostle” by Jacopo della Quercia and a statue of Fra’ Fazio.

Volto Santo

Volto Santo Lucca
Volto Santo

In a separate room, the ornaments of the “Holy Face” (Volto Santo) are preserved.

Every year on September 13th, the Volto Santo crucifix is carried from the San Frediano Basilica to the Cathedral. The procession starts at 8 PM.

According to legend, the Volto Santo, a walnut crucifix, is supposed to have been carved by Nicodemus after the resurrection and ascension of Christ.

Cathedral Museum, Lucca

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