Museo del Corso Rome (Palazzo Cipolla)

The Museo del Corso, or the Museo Fondazione Roma, is a relatively new museum in Rome. It was opened in 1999, but has since then managed to come up with a number of very interesting exhibitions (a.o. Hopper and Rodin). It is located on the Via del Corso.

Museo del Corso Rome

Address, opening hours and admission

Palazzo Cipolla Rome
Palazzo Cipolla

Address: Via del Corso, 320/Via dei Montecatini, 17 – Rome. The museum is only opened when there are exhibitions.

History and description

The Museo del Corso Fondazione Roma is housed in one of Rome’s historical buildings, the Palazzo Cipolla. A second seat of the Museo Fondazione Roma is located in another historical building, the Palazzo Sciarra.

Since the museum was opened, it has been characterized by the eclecticism of its exhibitions, highlighting both western- and non-western art, both individual artists and specific styles or periods.

The permanent exhibition spans the period between the 15th century and the present. The focus is mostly on Rome itself, either through the works that can be seen or through the artists themselves.

Via del Corso, 320 – Rome

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