Museums Viterbo

The most important museums in Viterbo are the Museo Civico and the Archaeological Museum, which deals mainly with the Etruscan history of the city.

Museums Viterbo

Museo Civico

Santa Maria della Verità Church Viterbo (cloister)

The Museo Civico is located in the cloister of the Santa Maria della Verità Church. The entrance is right next to the church itself. Highlights are the ancient Etruscan sarcophagi and the paintings by Sebastiano del Piombo.

Ceramics Museum

Ceramics Museum Viterbo - plate

From more or less the 13th to the 17th century, Viterbo was an important center for the manufacture of the art of ceramics. The Ceramics Museum, housed in the historic Palazzo Brugiotti, shows the development of this art form in the area.

Museo del Sodalizio Facchini di Santa Rosa

The Museo del Sodalizio Facchini di Santa Rosa is located in the Piazza San Pellegrino, in the historic center of the city and is entirely devoted to the most important tradition of the town, namely the Transport of the Chariot of Santa Rosa, a tradition that has been taking place since the 17th century.

National Archaeological Museum

National Etruscan Museum Viterbo - Ferento Statues

The National Archaeological Museum of Viterbo is housed in the Rocca Albernoz. Through life-size reconstructions of Etruscan buildings, it tries to show the daily life of this people.

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