MUST Historical Museum in Lecce

The MUST (an abbreviation of Museo Storico della Città di Lecce) is a slightly misleading name at the moment since the historical part of the museum is currently closed. However, the second floor, dedicated to modern and contemporary art, is open to the public.

MUST Historical Museum Lecce

Useful information

The Historical Museum of Lecce is open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. (closed Mondays, Jan. 1, Dec. 25). The address is Ex monastero di Santa Chiara, Via degli Ammirati, 11 – 73100 Lecce (tel. +39 0832682988). The entrance fee is 3 Euro (2 Euro for students and people over 65). (Note that prices and times may be subject to change.)

History and description

MUST - Historical Museum Lecce
The MUST (Museo Storico di Lecce)

The museum is housed in the Santa Chiara Monastery, located next to the Roman Theater and the church of the same name. This convent was probably founded in 1410 by Friar Tommaso Ammirato of the order of the Padri Conventuali di San Francesco, who would later be appointed Bishop of Lecce.

The monastery consisted of 20 cells, a refectory and a storeroom. It was often remodeled and the last members of the Conventual Order of the Clares left the building in 1866. It served as the Office of the Intendenza delle Finanze before being converted into a museum.

What to see

The MUST will house historical objects from both Messapian and Roman times on the second floor, while the first floor will feature contemporary art, with both a permanent exhibition and temporary ones. The permanent exhibition is dedicated to the artist Cosimo Carlucci.

MUST Historical Museum in Lecce

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