Nero’s Aqueduct Rome

The Acquedotto di Nerone in Rome was built by Nero (54-68 AD) in order to provide the Domus Aurea (Nero‘s residence, known as the Golden House) and the adjacent artificial lake with water from the Aqua Claudia.

Nero’s Aqueduct Rome

History and description

Nero's Aqueduct Rome
A stretch of the aqueduct in the Via Santo Stefano Rotondo.

Later Domitian extended the aqueduct to his imperial residence on the Palatine Hill and still later Septimius Severus restored it.

Several parts of this aqueduct can still be seen. Ruins are visible in the Via Statilia and in the Via San Stefano Rotondo (between the Via della Navicella and the Piazza di San Giovanni in Laterano).

Nero’s Aqueduct starts at the Porta Maggiore and then follows the Via Statilia. It follows the underground route of the Acqua Claudia to end up on top of the Arch of Dolabella and Silano.

Its arches are made of brick and are between 19 and 22 meters tall. The part that extends across the valley between the Celio and Palatino hills is 40 meters tall, however.

Nero’s Aqueduct, Rome

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