Nuova Fiera di Roma

The Nuova Fiera di Roma is the biggest congress space/trade fair venue in Rome. It was inaugurated in 2006.

Nuova Fiera di Roma

Useful information

Address: Via Portuense, 1645, 00148 Roma. Phone: +30 06 65074200.

History and description

The Nuova Fiera is located outside the city borders, along the A91 Autostrada between Rome and Fiumicino. The railway station Fiera di Roma lies along the FR1 train route, which connects Leonardo Da Vinci Airport to Rome. The Fr1 train does not leave from the main railway station Termini). You can only take this train from the smaller stations Tuscolana, Tiburtina and Ostiense. the price of a ticket is 1,50 Euros.

Before the Fiera di Roma became the Nuova Fiera di Roma it was first located in the EUR district and later, from 1955 until 2006, along the Via Cristoforo Colombo.

Nuova Fiera di Roma

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