Olivone di Fibbianello Semproniano

The Olivone di Fibbianello is a tall olive tree along the road between Semproniano and Saturnia. It is 2,000 years old and used to have a height of 21 meters till some delinquents managed to set fire to it.

Olivone di Fibbianello Semproniano

Useful information

Olivone di Fibbianello Semproniano
The Olivonne di Fibbianello after the fire.

Address: Halfway Semproniano and Saturnia.

History and description

The Fibbianello olive tree owes its name to the suburb where it is located.

The tree used to be 21 meters tall, which is enormous, considering that the average olive tree reaches a height of between 6 and 9 meters.

Unfortunately, in 1998, someone decided to set fire to the tree and the three main branches were burned. The perpetrators were never caught.

The Olivone did not completely die, however, although it is much shorter than it used to be. It has developed new roots and prospective olivoni have been planted in the area.

Olivone di Fibbianello, Semproniano

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