Ostiense Railway Station Rome

The Ostiense railway station in Rome is located on the Piazzale dei Partigiani, near the metro line B stop Piramide. It is here you can take the Ostia Lido train to the beach in the summer.

Ostiense Railway Station Rome

A number of other important regional railway lines also leave from Ostiense: The FR3 takes you to Viterbo, the FR5 to Rome’s port, Civitavecchia, and the interregionale to Pisa also stops in Ostiense. Finally, for those who don’t want to pay 14 Euros for the Leonardo Express, there is the FR1 to the airport of Fiumicino.

The Ostiense train station was constructed in 1938, when Adolf Hitler came to see his friend Benito Mussolini, and there are therefore distinct fascist traces in its architecture. At the time the road connecting the station to the nearby Porta San Paolo was even called after Hitler, but after the war the name was changed into the Viale delle Cave Ardeatine.

The architect Roberto Narducci designed a facade that was completely covered with travertine marble and floors that are decorated with mosaics showing scenes from the history of Rome.

There is a parking lot underneath the Piazzale dei Partigiani and another across the tracks, in the Piazzale 12 Ottobre 1942. Several bus lines connect the station of Ostiense to other parts of the city.

The Rome chapter of the slow food shopping mall Eatily can also be found at Ostiense Station.

Roma Ostiense – Rome

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