Other Attractions Pisa

In addition to churches, historic buildings and museums, Pisa has a number of other interesting and beautiful attractions. The sights on the list below are less easy to categorize.

Other Attractions Pisa


Camposanto Monumentale Pisa
Camposanto Monumentale

The Camposanto has been a cemetery in Pisa since 1278. It is also known as Camposanto Monumentale. Of the four buildings on the Campo dei Miracoli it is the most recent one. One of the highlights in this cemetery is the fresco cycle with the theme “Triumph of Death”. There are also a number of beautiful chapels.

Tuttomondo (Keith Haring)

The graffito on the back wall of the monastery belonging to the Sant’Antonio Church was painted by Keith Haring and is titled Tuttomondo. In 1990, a year after the completion of the work, Haring would die.

Botanical Garden

The Pisan Botanical Gardens were built as early as the 16th century and are among the oldest in the world. The Giardini Botanici were commissioned by the Medici family. There is also a Botanical Museum on the grounds of this landmark.

Ponte di Mezzo

The Ponte di Mezzo is a bridge connecting the Piazza Garibaldi (on the north bank of the Arno) with the Piazza XX Settembre and the Corso d’Italia. Once a year the Gioco di Ponte di Mezzo takes place on this bridge.

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