Other attractions Venice

Squero di San Trovaso - other attractions Venice

The list below gives a brief overview of the sights in Venice that do not fit into any particular category. The most important are the Campanile, which towers over Piazza San Marco and the rest of the city, the Arsenal and the famous Opera House “La Fenice”.

Other attractions Venice

Campanile San Marco

Campanile San Marco Venice
The campanile of St. Mark’s.

The bell tower (Campanile) of the Basilica di San Marco is one of the most striking sights of Venice. It stands on a corner of the Piazza San Marco, close to the front of the church itself. The Venetians themselves refer to it as “The Landlord” (Il Padrone di Casa).


Top 10 tourist attractions Venice (Arsenal)

Venice‘s Arsenal is located in the sestiere Castello. In the heyday of the Venetian Empire, this shipyard, built in 1104, was one of the most important parts of the city. In those days, one new ship could be delivered every day. During the famous Biennale, the Arsenal is used as an exhibition space.

Operahuis “La Fenice”

Venezia - Teatro La Fenice (schilderij uit 1837)
La Fenice Opera House

The Gran Teatro La Fenice is the world-famous opera house of Venice. It owes its name to the fact that it was rebuilt after having burnt down. Famous operas such as “La Traviata” and “Rigoletto” saw their premieres in La Fenice. The last time the opera house burned down was in 1996, after it was set on fire by two electricians.


Lido Venice - beach
Lido beach

Lido is the name of the famous island that lies between the sea and the main part of the city. It is here that the equally famous Film Festival takes place every year. The wide beach has resulted in the presence of mostly luxury hotels on the island.

Squero di San Trovaso

Squero di San Trovaso Venetiƫ

The Squero di San Trovaso is the oldest and best known of the three shipyards where gondolas are made and repaired in Venice. From the other side of the canal, you can see what work is still being carried out.

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