Other points of interest Viterbo

Not all tourist attractions fit within a clear category. Viterbo‘s bridges, towers and parks find a place on this page. There is also a ghost.

Other Attractions Viterbo

Ponte di Paradosso

Ponte di Paradosso Viterbo

The Ponte di Paradosso is a bridge over the Fosso del Mola, a small stream that separates the districts of Pianoscarano and San Pellegrino. It was here that the funari (craftsmen who made rope from hemp) did their work. According to a legend, there used to be a ghost called Trucche Trucche who occasionally appeared under the bridge.

Ponte del Duomo

The Ponte del Duomo connects the cathedral to the rest of the city. The bridge is made of large blocks of the type of stone called peperino. These are stacked on top of each other in such a way that no cement was needed to keep the construction upright. The blocks are remnants of the first, Etruscan version of the bridge.

Torre Campanaria

The Torre Campanaria is a leaning tower in the heart of Viterbo’s medieval district. It was built 1487 on the foundations of a pre-existing tower and is 44 metres high.

Prato Giardino

Prato Giardino park Viterbo
Prato Giardino Park

Prato Giardino has been open to the public since 1843. The entrance gate to the park is opposite the Porta Fiorentina. This piece of land has been used as a garden since the 14th century. Back then, it belonged to the Dogana del Patrimonio and was used as a training ground by papal soldiers after the Rocca Albernoz was built.

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