Palatium Vetus Alessandria

The Palatium Vetus is located in the Piazza della Libertà in Alessandria. It is the former administrative center of the city and has existed for as long as Alessandria itself.

Palatium Vetus Alessandria

Useful information

The address of the Palatium Vetus is Piazza della Libertà, 28 – 15121 Alessandria.

History and Description

Palatium Vetus Alessandria
Palatium Vetus

Built around the year 1170, the Palatium Vetus was intended to be the administrative and political center of the then newly founded city. It consisted of two parts and actually extended through a number of courtyards and neighboring buildings to the Via dei Martiri.

It is here that the Podestà and the Capitano del Popolo had their headquarters, as did the Pretorio in later years. It also served as a prison.

In the 16th century, the Spanish rulers moved into the building and the local administrative offices moved to the Palatium Novum on the south side of the square (where the town hall is today).

After the Savoys seized power, the emissaries of these rulers took over the Palatium Vetus.

From 1856 it was owned by the Italian State, which used it for various purposes over the years, which also led to various modifications.

At present, the Palatium Vetus is owned by the Cassa di Risparmio di Alessandria, a bank that has also been responsible for the restoration of the building.

Palatium Vetus, Alessandria

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