Palazzetto dei Notari Perugia

The Palazzetto dei Notari is a building on the Corso Vannucci, the main street of Perugia. Its design is based on that of the Palazzo dei Priori across the street.

Palazzetto dei Notari Perugia

Address, opening hours and tickets

Address: Corso Vannucci, 1-11 – 06121 Perugia (PG) Italy. Opening hours and entrance fee: The building cannot be visited by tourists.


Palazzetto dei Notari Perugia
Palazzetto dei Notari

The Palazzetto dei Notari was constructed between 1438 and 1446 in Gothic style. The facade is entirely of travertine marble. Between the triforas is the coat of arms of the Council of Notaries: A griffin on an ink bottle.

The architect clearly took inspiration for his design from the famous Palazzo dei Priori, which is located across the street.

When changes were made to Via Calderini (which was then called Via Pinella) in 1951, they unfortunately had to knock down the left wing of the Palazzetto dei Notari.

Palazzetto dei Notari Perugia

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