Palazzo Alberini-Cicciaporci Rome

The Palazzo Alberini-Cicciaporci is a historic building in Rome. Its design involved such famous architects as Bramante and Raphael.

Palazzo Alberini-Cicciaporci Rome

Useful information

Palazzo Alberini-Cicciaporci Rome Rome
Palazzo Alberini-Cicciaporci Rome

The address of the Palazzo Alberini-Cicciaporci is Via del Banco di Santo Spirito, 12 – 00186 Rome. Rione: Ponte. Bus: 34, 40, 46, 62, 64, 116, 280, 916, 982, N5, N15, N20. The palazzo is privately owned and cannot be visited by tourists.

History and description

The Palazzo Alberini was built between 1515 and 1519. It was designed by Raphael (although Vasari claims that Giulio Romano did the work for Raphael). The first floor was designed by Bramante in 1512. The final touches were added to the palace by Pietro Rosselli in 1521.

The current facade dates from the 19th century. The original fa├žade can be seen in the Vicolo del Curato.

Its design is very reminiscent of that of the Florentine private residences of the time and of the Palazzo Caprini designed by Bramante in 1510, where Raphael was still living (and which was thus also called Casa or Palazzo di Raffaello) and which was later incorporated into the Palazzo dei Convertendi, before being completely destroyed, during the construction of the Via della Conciliazione.

The first floor was occupied early on by stores. Above this is a mezzanino, separated from the piano nobile by a cornice. The upper floor, where the servants used to live, is again marked by a cornice.

Palazzo Alberini-Cicciaporci Rome

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