Palazzo Aldobrandini Rome

The Palazzo Aldobrandini in the Via Panisperna in Rome is a prestigious 16th century building. The villa that used to belong to the building is now a public park. The building itself is not open to the public.

Palazzo Aldobrandini Rome

In 1520, when Cardinal Ippolito d’Este bought the land where the building is now located, this part of Monti was a neighborhood with a bad reputation. Not long after that, the Vanvitelli family bought the land in order to renovate an already existing structure.

Cardinal Pietro Aldobrandini (nephew of Pope Clement VIII) bought the building, including the now landscaped park, in the 17th century.

With some interruptions, the palazzo remained in the hands of the Aldobrandini’s. In the 18th century the Doria Pamphilj took over briefly and between 1811 and 1814 Count Mollis resided there for three years as French governer of Rome.

The architect was Carlo Lombardi and he began his work in 1575.

The courtyard had a magnificent nymphaeum, which would later be adapted to the fountain. In the middle of an exedra graced with statues there is a marble Venus.

Today, Palazzo Aldobrandini belongs to the Italian State, while the villa is a free public park and is owned by the city of Rome itself.

Palazzo Aldobrandini, Rome

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