Palazzo Altemps Museum Rome

The Palazzo Altemps is one of the seats of the Museo Nazionale Romano in Rome. It exhibits a number of collections that belonged to wealthy Roman families. These are mostly ancient Greek and Roman sculptures. For several years there has also been an Egyptian section.

Palazzo Altemps Museum Rome

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Palazzo Altemps Rome
Palazzo Altemps

The address of the Palazzo Altemps is Via di Sant’Apollinare, 46 – Rome. Phone: +39 0639967700 or 06684851. Neighborhood: Rione Ponte. Opening hours: From 9 a.m. to 7:45 p.m. The box office closes one hour before closing time. Closed: Mondays, January 1, May 1, December 25. Entrance fee: 7 Euro. EU residents between 18 and 25 years old: 3.50 Euro. Free of charge: Young people over 18. The ticket entitles you to visit the four seats of the Museo Nazionale Romano. It is valid for three days. In case of special exhibitions, there may be a surcharge. On the first Sunday of the month, the Museo Nazionale Romano – Palazzo Altemps is free. Museum cards: Roma Pass. Handicapped access: The museum is fully accessible. Wheelchairs are available upon request. There is a handicapped entrance at Via di Sant’Apollinare, 8.

Palazzo Altemps

The Palazzo Altemps was built in the 15th century by Girolamo Riario. In 1658 it came into the hands of the Altemps family. A recent restoration has restored the palace to its 16th-century appearance. It consists of two floors around a courtyard with a large central fountain.

Highlights Palazzo Altemps Museum

Boncompagni Ludovisi Collection

Apollo Kitharoidos, Palazzo Altemps Museum, Rome
Apollo Kitharoidos

The antique marble sculptures collected by Cardinal Ludovico Ludovisi were originally kept in his villa on the Quirinal hill. The 450 sculptures were restored by such famous artists as Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Alessandro Algardi and Ippolito Buzzi. Toward the end of the 19th century, the villa was demolished to create the new Ludovisi district. Many works of art disappeared but 104 sculptures were saved and placed in the Palazzo Altemps.

The most famous works are the Trono Ludovisi, excavated in the district itself, “Ares with the head of Juno” and the “Galata sculpture group”.

The Altemps Collection

Cardinal Marco Sittico Altemps‘ collection consisted of about 150 Greek and Roman sculptures. 4 of the 15 surviving works can be seen under the south portico.

The Mattei Collection

The Mattei Collection is exhibited under the courtyard portico and in the rooms on the second floor. The works of art come were salvaged from the Villa Celimontana. Previously they were exhibited in the seat at the Terme di Diocleziane.

Del Drago Collection

The Del Drago Collection dates back to the 17th century and used to grace the Palazzo del Drago in Via Quattro Fontane.

Egyptian Art

The Museo Nazionale Romano‘s collection of Egyptian art is also on display at the Palazzo Altemps. Highlights include the objects found at the sanctuary dedicated to Isis and Serapis that used to be located near the Pantheon. Also on display here are the finds from the excavation at the Syrian sanctuary in the Janiculum.

Via di Sant’Apollinare, 46 – Rome