Palazzo Apostolico Rome

The Palazzo Apostolico is the official residence of the Pope at the Vatican in Rome. It is from one of the windows of this palace that he pronounces the Angelus every Sunday.

Palazzo Apostolico Vatican City

Address, opening hours and entrance fee

The address of the Palazzo Apostolico is Città del Vaticano. Metro: Ottaviano (line A). Bus: 40, 64. The palace is not open to tourists.

History and Description

Palazzo Apostolico Rome
The Palazzo Apostolico seen from St. Peter’s Square.

Actually, the Palazzo Apostolico is part of a complex of Palazzi Apostolici, multiple palaces built between the 12th and 19th centuries within the walls of the Vatican.

That part of the building where the pope has his residence is called Palazzo di Sisto V, after the pope who had it built towards the end of the 16th century.

It is only since 1954 that the Pope proclaims the Angelus on Sundays at noon. The first pope to do this was Pius XII. The window from which he does this is that of the papal study.

The window on the far left on the 3rd floor is that of a corridor and the next five are those of the papal library. This is where the Council of Cardinals meets. The next window is that of a reception room and the room of the Pope’s personal secretary, followed by the famous window of the Angelus. The last window is that of the papal bedroom (where, incidentally, Pope Francis refuses to sleep because it is too luxurious).

The first three windows of the second floor belong to connecting rooms, while the next three are those of the private library. It is here that the pope receives heads of state. The seventh window is that of the hall of Saints Peter and Paul, which serves as the entrance to the library. The following halls have a number of different functions.

Palazzo Apostolico, Rome