Palazzo dell’Arcone di Piazza Florence

Palazzo dell'Arcone di Piazza Florence
Palazzo dell’Arcone di Piazza Florence

What at first sight seems a triumphal arch is in reality no more than the central part of the Palazzo dell’Arcone di Piazza in Florence. This means “Palace of the Enormous Arch of the Square”. The square is the Piazza della Repubblica. The street leading up to the arch is the Via Strozzi.

The building was designed in 1895, by the architect Vincenzo Micheli.

The inscription on the attic (“The ancient center of the city restored to a new life after centuries of squalor”) was written by Isodoro Del Lungo, a literary critic and politician (1841-1927).

The four statues flanking the inscription represent Sculpture, Painting, Music and Architecture.

The building is not very popular in Florence itself. The “triumphant” style of the arch is seen as specifically Roman, instead of Florentine. Another reason why it is not liked very much is that, in order to build it, several historical buildings, including a church and a tower, had to be destroyed.

A sculpture group, depicting “Italy, Art and Science”, that used to top the arch, was removed in 1904. Locals had by then already given the three statues nicknames referring to three famous prostitutes of the time.

Nowadays, the part of the building to the right of the arch is the seat of the Pensione Pendini. The part on the left houses the Apple Store.

Palazzo dell'Arcone di Piazza
The building was last restored in 2022.

Practical information


Piazza della Repubblica, 5 – Firenze.

Public transportation

Bus: C2.

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