Palazzo Baronale Orsini Anguillara Sabazia

The Palazzo Orsini is the most famous building in Anguillara Sabazia. It consists of a number of previously existing buildings that were joined together. It iserves as the town hall of Anguillara.

Palazzo Baronale Orsini Anguillara Sabazia

Useful information

Address: Piazza del Comune, 1 – 00061Anguillara Sabazia.

Palazzo Baronale Orsini Anguillara Sabazia
Palazzo Baronale Orsini

History and description

The Palazzo Orsini is currently used as the town hall. It used to be part of a fortress, with a large round tower, corner bastions connected by a defensive wall and another round bastion.

The Palazzo itself was created in a number of phases, as can be clearly seen by the different heights of the structures making it up. These were built on pre-existing structures.

What to see

Three of the rooms of the palace are graced by frescoes painted between 1535 and 1539 by the school of Raphael. The paintings in the great hall depict panoramas in Anguillara itself.

Palazzo Orsini Anguillara Sabazia

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