Palazzo Bricherasio Turin

Palazzo Bricherasio is a 17th century building in the center of Turin, which today hosts modern art exhibitions.

Palazzo Bricherasio Turin

Useful information

Opening hours: Monday: 14.30-19.30; Thursday and Sunday: 9.30-22.30; other days: 9.30-19.30. Closed: Never. Entrance fee: 7 Euro. Phone: +39 011 5711811. Address: Via Lagrange 20 – 10123 Turin. Public transportation: Bus: 11, 58/.

History and description

The Palazzo Bricherasio was built in 1636, but in 1760 the then owners, the Solari di Monasterolo, had the architect Carlo Emanuele Bovis make multiple of changes. Bovis had the grand staircases built, two new halls and a boudoir whose 18th century decorations are still visible. (The paintings along the stairs date from the 19th century).

The Palazzo received its current name in 1855 when the Cacherano di Bricherasio bought it. This family also had some elements of the building changed.

The painter Rodolfo Morgari designed some of the rooms, while the terrace with porticos, built in 1863, is by Barnaba Panizza.

More restorations followed toward the end of the 20th century. Today it is the seat of the Fondazione Palazzo Bricherasio and hosts exhibitions dedicated to modern art.

When the Via Roma was constructed, it was necessary to destroy some parts of Palazzo Bricherasio. Annibale Rigotti designed the new facade on the Via Teofilo Rossi side.

Palazzo Bricherasio Turin

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