Palazzo del Bufalo Ferrajoli Rome

The Palazzo del Bufalo Ferrajoli is located in the Colonna district in Rome, at the corner of the Via del Corso and the Piazza Colonna, in front of the Palazzo Chigi.

Palazzo del Bufalo Ferrajoli Rome

Address, opening hours and admission

Address: Piazza Colonna, 355 – Rome(tel. +39 06 69200497). The building can only be visited when there are special events, such as conferences or exhibitions.

History and description

In the 16th century the building was the residence of a branch of the Del Bufalo family. At the time the facade of the palazzo was still partially frescoed.

The building was probably modernized by Giacomo Della Porta and later reconstructed by Francesco Peparelli in occasion of the wedding between Paolo del Bufalo and a member of the Santacroce family in 1626.

The Niccolini family acquired the building througn another wedding in 1728 and in the 19th century the Ferrajoli family bought it.

The facade on the Piazza Colonna side has four floors. There are 6 big doors to the side of the main entrance and smaller doors between each of these bigger ones.

The windows on the piano nobile are the only ones with architraves. The one nearest the Via del Corso also has a balcony.

The Via del Corso side is completely taken up by shops. The mezzanine on this side has square windows with small balconies. The cornice of the building is decorated with elements from the coat-of-arms of the Ferrajoli family.

The courtyard has a small central fountain with decorations that are similarly themed.

Piazza Colonna, 355 – Rome

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