Palazzo di Cangrande Verona

The Palazzo di Cangrande (also called Palazzo dei Scaligeri or Palazzo del Podestà) is a palace in the Piazza dei Signori in Verona. It was commissioned by the Della Scala family in the 13th century and actually consists of a number of buildings around a courtyard.

Palazzo di Cangrande Verona

Address, opening hours and entrance fee

Address: Piazza dei Signori – 37121 Verona. The building is not open to tourists.


The Palazzo di Cangrande is located on the short side of Piazza dei Signori and forms a corner with the Loggia del Consiglio. It was built in the 13th century and actually consists of a number of buildings surrounding a rectangular courtyard. The front is open and is located on Corso Santa Anastasia.

However, the facade on the side of Piazza dei Signori is the most beautiful of the building, with a portal reminiscent of Roman triumphal arches. Above this entrance, designed by Sanmicheli in the 16th century, there is a winged lion, the symbol of the Venetian Republic. It is decorated with coats of arms between the columns on either side.

The palace was built by order of the Della Scala family (to which it owes the alternative name Scaligeri), at that time the most powerful family in the city. It was built on top of a number of Roman ruins, which is not too surprising since the former Forum Romanum is almost around the corner (today’s Piazza delle Erbe).

The first occupant was Alberto I Della Scala and in 1311 Cangrande I moved there. In those years many renovations took place.

The courtyard is characterized by a porch with a Gothic loggia on two levels and was designed by Cansignorio in 1364. The halls of the loggia were decorated with paintings by Jacopo Avanzi and Altichiero.

After the fall of the Della Scala dynasty, it fell into the hands of the Venetian Republic, which had several administrative bodies there. One of these was the Podestà, which explains another name of the palace (see below).

In addition to the names Palazzo di Cangrande and Palazzo dei Scaligeri, the building is also referred to as Palazzo del Podestà or Palazzo della Prefettura.

Palazzo di Cangrande, Verona

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