Palazzo Cenci Rome

The Palazzo Cenci is a historic building in the Regola district of Rome. It belonged to the family of a 16-year-old girl who became a folk heroine by murdering her abusive violent father.

Palazzo Cenci Rome

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The address of the Palazzo Cenci is Monte de’ Cenci, 17-20-21 – Rome. The building is closed to the public.

History Palazzo Cenci Rome

The Palazzo Cenci was owned by the family of Beatrice Cenci, who was to be beheaded in 1599 in the square in front of the Ponte Sant’Angelo, after being accused of murdering her violent father at the age of 16, together with her brothers and her stepmother.

After the family had been convicted, Pope Clement VIII confiscated the complex, to give it to his grandson Ascanio.

Most of this originally medieval palace has been demolished. The current building dates back to 1570. The old building had the features of a castle, with battlements and towers and even a church within its walls.

The arch connecting the Palazzo to the Palazzetto Cenci was designed by Martino Longhi il Vecchio and is called the Arco dei Cenci.

The building has a courtyard with a loggia.

The façade is connected to a 17th century construction, which was also part of the complex inhabited by the family.

The Palazzo Cenci was called “Jews’ Field” (Campus Iudaeorum) during the late Middle Ages, since a large number of Jews Used to live there. They had moved in after a fire had destroyed the old Synagogue in Trastevere in 1268.

Today, the Palazzo Cenci houses offices of members of the Senate and the European Union, among others.

Monte de’ Cenci, 17-20-21 – Rome