Palazzo Chiassi Lais Rome

The Palazzo Chiassi Lais is a late 19th century building in the Via Arenula in Rome. The building, which is named after the family that had it constructed, is now partly a post office.

Palazzo Chiassi Lais Rome

Useful information

Address: Via Arenula, 2-4.

History and description

The Palazzo Chiassi Lais was constructed in 1892, when the Via Arenula was laid. The architect was Angelo Balzani. The Via Arenula was constructed in order to connect the Corso Vittorio Emanuele II to the Ponte Garibaldi and the Trastevere district.

The enormous building is located between the Via Arenula, Largo Arenula, Via di Sant’Elena and Via dei Falegnami. The main facades are on the Via Arenula and the Largo Arenula. It is irregular in shape. The main facade on the Via Arenula has 7 windows, the Largo Arenula side only 3 on each floor. There is a balcony above the main entrance. The belt courses are elaborately decorated. The corner between the Via Arenula and the Via dei Falegnami is rounded.

Part of the building is being used as a post office.

Piazza Chiassi Lais, Rome