Palazzo Ciampoli Taormina

Palazzo Ciampoli Taormina

The Palazzo Ciampoli is a 15th century building in the heart of medieval Taormina. This Catalan style mansion was the residence of an aristocratic family. The building can only be visited in occasion of exhibitions and other special events.

Palazzo Ciampoli Taormina

Useful information

Address: Salita Ciampoli – 98039 Taormina. The opening times and ticket price depend on the exhibition or other event.

History and description

The Palazzo Ciampoli, as indicated on the coat of arms above the main entrance, was constructed in 1412. It is named after the family that used to own it, before it was purchased by the Sicilian region.

However, the two coats of arms displayed on the building (three stars, and a flag) are the same as the ones on the Palazzo Corvaja. Therefore it is thought that the Corvaja family must have owned the palace at some point.

To complicate matters even further, the coats of arms of the families Damiano Rosso and De Thermes are also seen on the facade. They might have initiated the construction, before the other floors were added midway through the 15th century.

At the moment it was built, it was the only mansion outside the city walls.

The facade ic characterized by merlons, five biforas and a belt course decorated with inlay work of different types of stone.


In 1927 a hotel was opened in the garden of the building. It was called Hotel Palazzo Vecchio, because it kind of resembled the famous palace of that name in Florence.

The Palazzo Ci├ámpoli also used to host one of the most famous nightclubs in Taormina. The place was called Sesto Acuto, because of the building’s many Gothic arches of the mansion. (A pointed arch is called arco a sesto acuto in Italian.)

Palazzo Ciampoli, Taormina

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