Palazzo Clemente della Rovere Genoa

The 16th century Palazzo Clemente della Rovere, the present seat of the General Consulate of Iceland, is one of the Palazzi di dei Rolli of Genoa. It is one of 42 of these palaces on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Palazzo Clemente della Rovere Genoa

History and description

Palazzo Clemente della Rovere Genoa
Palazzo Clemente della Rovere

The Palazzi dei Rolli were prestigious private residences where important guests of the Republic of Genoa were hosted during State visits. There were 163 of these Rolli, 42 of which are on UNESCO’s list.

The palace was commissioned in 1580 by Clemente della Rovere, a Genoese aristocrat. It took only two years to finish construction.

The Palazzo Clemente delle Rovere really consists of two parts. The smaller building was already included in the Rolli in 1599.

Two members of the Della Rovere family, as Sixtus IV and Julius II, had been Popes in the past. Sixtus IV was the Pope who had the famous Sistine Chapel in the Vatican City built.

What to see

There is a 17th century statue depicting “Our Lady of Mercy” on the left side of the building.

On the Via San Sebastiano side of the palace, there are still some, very faint, traces of the original frescoes.

Useful information

Address: Piazza Rovere, 1 – Genova. The building is private property and can only be visited on special occasions.

Palazzo Clemente della Rovere Genoa

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