Palazzo Comunale Bracciano

The central building on the north side of the Piazza IV Novembre in Bracciano is the Palazzo Comunale. Originally called Palazzo Priorale, the building was commissioned by Livio Odescalchi and constructed between 1619 and 1635. The Palazzo Comunale is the town hall of the city.

Palazzo Comunale Bracciano


Piazza Iv Novembre, 6 – 00062 Bracciano.


(+39) 06 998161)

Opening times

Monday till Friday from 08:00 till 14:00. (Note that these are office hours. The building is not open to tourists.)


Palazzo Comunale Bracciano
Palazzo Comunale

The design of the Palazzo Comunale was entrusted to Orazio Torriani. Mistakes made during its construction caused the need for several renovations in the 18th century.

In 1770, Antonio Asprucci needed to alter the appearance of the palace, in order to address the stability problems the building had had from the beginning.

In the 17th century, the palazzo housed not only the town hall but also a school, granaries and a theater, built at the behest of Livio Odescalchi.


The building to the right of the Palazzo Comunale was also constructed by Torriani who later went to live there himself. I cannot find any information about the building on the left. They are however both worth a look, so here are some photos.


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