Palazzo Comunale Velletri

The Palazzo Comunale of Velletri was built towards the end of the 16th century, although it was then called Palazzo dei Priori. Construction of the palace took almost two centuries, so several architects worked on it.

Palazzo Comunale Velletri

Useful information

The address of the Palazzo Comunale is Piazza Cesare Ottaviano Augusto, 1 – Velletri (RM). Telephone: +39 06961581.

Palazzo Comunale Velletri
Palazzo Comunale

History and Description

The Palazzo Comunale was erected on the ruins of an ancient Roman building.

Although it was Vignola who had designed the building, it was Giacomo della Porta who started its construction. There were several problems that were never really solved, which led to the need for incessant restorations. Even after its completion in 1720, structural interventions were often needed.

After being razed to the ground in 1944 by bombings, the palace was rebuilt in 1956 according to the original project.

The Palazzo Comunale has three floors. On the sides are two wide staircases. The facade shows few ornaments and is characterized by pillars separating blind arches and narrow, tall windows.

Sala delle Lapidi

In the Sala delle Lapidi on the second floor one can see inscriptions that highlight the most important events in the history of Velletri.

Piazza Cesare Ottaviano Augusto, 1, Velletri RM