Palazzo Cornaro Rome

The Palazzo Cornaro is a huge government building in the Via della Stamperia in Rome. It was originally built for the Venetian family whose name it still carries. The building, which is also known as Palazzo della Stamperia, is currently used as a government building.

Palazzo Cornaro Rome

Useful information

Palazzo Cornaro Rome
Palazzo Cornaro

Address: Via della Stamperia, 8 – Rome. Phone: +39 06 45421126. Opening times: Not open for tourists. Ticket price: Not open for tourists.

History and description

The Palazzo Cornaro, like many 16th century buildings, was mainly built as a way for the family who owned it to show off their wealth. Before ending up in the hands of Camillo Pamphilj, in the second half of the 17th century, it had already changed ownership several times.

Camillo was the son of Olimpia Pamphilj, who at the time was thought to be the lover of her brother-in-law, Pope Innocent X.

The original architect, Giacomo Del Duca, had united a number of already existing buildings for the project. Del Duca also designed the facade of the nearby Santa Maria in Trivia Church, in 1575.

The interior was frescoed with landscape scenes. During the fascist period, more, similarly themed, frescoes were added. It also became the seat of the Ministry of Fascist Corporation. Later, this became the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Labour.

When the building became the seat of the Stamperia (“Printing House”) Camerale, more buildings were incorporated into the existing structure. The main portal and balcony were also added.

The cornice rests on female face masks with baskets on their heads.

Palazzo della Stamperia, Rome

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