Palazzo dei Congressi Rome

The Palazzo dei Congressi in Rome is one of the most interesting buildings that were constructed for the 1942 Esposizione Universale di Roma that, although it was never held,  gave its name to the district of EUR.

Palazzo dei Congressi Rome

Address, opening hours and admission

Address: Piazza John Kennedy, 1 – Rome (tel. +39 06 54513705). Opening hours and admission depend on the event.

History and description

Like many other buildings that were to be constructed for the event, the start of World War II impeded its completion and the Palazzo dei Congressi was not finished until 1954.

The architect Adalberto Libera managed to create one of the most important examples of the rationalist architecture, which was popular in Italy at the time.

The Salone dei Ricevimenti is one of the most grandiose halls imaginable and would be able to contain the entire Pantheon.

The Sala dei Congressi, recently renovated by the architect Paolo Portoghesi, is now called the Aula Magna. Libera created the terrace and also the open air theatre.

Works of art in the Palazzo dei Congressi

  • The atrio Kennedy is embellished with a 1953 wall painting by Achille Funi with themes relating to the origins of Rome.
  • Gino Severini, created the futurist painting, also in 1953, in the Atrio Arte.
  • The restaurant of the Palazzo dei Congressi is adorned with two mosaics by Angelo Canevari (1940).

Piazza John Kennedy, 1 – Rome

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