Palazzo dei Convertendi Rome

The Palazzo dei Convertendi is a historic building in what is now the Via della Conciliazione in Rome. It is also called the Palazzo delle Congregazioni delle Chiese Orientali.

Palazzo dei Convertendi Rome

Practical information

Palazzo dei Convertendi Rome
Palazzo dei Convertendi

The address of the Palazzo dei Convertendi is Via della Conciliazione, 34 – Rome. The palace can be viewed only on the outside.

History Palazzo dei Convertendi

The Palazzo dei Convertendi is much older than the street in which it is located and stands where the Piazza Rusticucci used to be.

It was designed in 1510 by none other than Bramante himself. Its construction was commissioned by the Spinola family.

The balcony above the three entrance doors is by Baldassare Peruzzi.

Before the 17th century, the palace was used as a kind of hostel for those who wanted to convert to the Catholic faith.

Palazzo Convertendi Rome (in Piazza Scocciacavalli)
The original facade in the Piazza Scosciacavalli

Originally located in what is now no longer the Piazza Scosciacavalli, it was taken apart brick by brick in 1938 (when the Via della Conciliazione was built), in order to be reconstructed in almost identical fashion in its present spot. To do this, however, several buildings 15th and 16th century buildings had to be demolished.

Before it was converted into a hostel, the Queen of Cyprus and, later, the famous artist Raphael, among others, lived in the building. (It was also called Casa di Raffaele for a time).

The “Palace of the Converted” is not open to tourists. Today it is the seat of the Congregazioni delle Chiese Orientali (“Community of Oriental Churches”). It is owned by the Catholic Church.

Palazzo dei Convertendi, Rome