Palazzo del Broletto Como

The Palazzo del Broletto in Como was constructed against the Cathedral of the city. Over the course of the centuries it has always remained the most important civic building. After having been reconstructed and/or renovated many times, in 1972 it was returned to its original structure. Nowadays, it is being used for conventions and exhibitions.

Palazzo del Broletto Como

Useful information

Address: Piazza del Duomo – Como. Phone: +39 031 267514. Opening times: Depends on the event. Ticket price: Depends on the event. (Note that prices and times may be subject to change.)

History and description

Palazzo del Broletto Como
Palazzo del Broletto

The Palazzo del Broletto was constructed in 1215. Its construction was commissioned by Bonardo da Cadazzo, who was the Podestà at the time. A Podestà was a medieval kind of mayor, but with far more powers than his current counterpart.

The palace was constructed right next to the Cathedral. This position was probably carefully chosen, and was meant to show both the unity of ecclesiastical and civic power, but also that the Podestà was encroaching on the territory of the church.

The name Broletto derives from the word brolo, an open field where people used to meet, also for formal assemblies. The Palazzo was likewise used for assemblies and as a place where justice was dispensed.

The Palazzo del Broletto consists of two floors. The ground floor is characterized by its arches, the first floor by its triple lancet windows. The facade is covered with slabs of alternating grey, white and red marble.

In the 15th century, part of the building was demolished in order to create more space for a reconstruction of the Cathedral.

In 1764, it became the seat of a theater and later, until the end of the 19th century, of the city archives.

In 1972, it was returned to its original architecture.

Palazzo del Broletto, Como

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