Palazzo del Capitano Todi

The Palazzo del Capitano of Todi is also known as the Palazzo Nuovo. It stands next to the Palazzo del Popolo on the Piazza del Popolo and, together with this palace, houses the city’s Pinacoteca. The Palazzo del Capitano is the left one of the two buildings.

Palazzo del Capitano Todi

Useful information

Address: Piazza del Popolo.

History and Description

Palazzo del Capitano Todi

The Palazzo del Capitano was built in 1293 and is called Palazzo Nuovo to distinguish it from the neighboring Palazzo del Popolo. It stands slightly further back than the latter palace and is characterized by a gothic fa├žade with three trifors on the first and four trifors on the second floor. Above this is a circular arch. The entrance is preceded by a portico.

The two buildings are connected by a large staircase and together form the town hall. The top floor is occupied by the Pinacoteca of Todi.

What to see

On the second floor of the building is the Sala del Capitano del Popolo. Here you can see fragments of wall paintings from the 14th century, together with part of the collection of the city’s Etruscan and Roman museum.

The room opposite is the Salone del Consiglio Generale.

The top floor of forms together with that of the Palazzo del Popolo the Pinacotheque, where the city’s art collection is on display.

Palazzo del Capitano, Todi

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