Palazzo della Cancelleria Ragusa

The Palazzo della Cancelleria in Ragusa is located along the aptly named Via delle Scale in the oldest part of the city. This famous Baroque style building is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Ragusa. It is also known under the name Palazzo Nicastro.

Palazzo della Cancelleria Ragusa

Useful information

Address: Salita Commendatore – 97100 Ragusa. Phone: +39 0932 676668.

History and description

Construction of the Palazzo della Cancelleria in Ragusa started in the first half of the 18th century. The work, which had been commissioned by the Nicastro family, was finished in 1760.

Although the Nicastro family was not among the main notables of the city and never held public office, they managed to become quite wealthy. It was only after the marriage of Filippo Nicastro to Baroness Giampiccolo that the family assumed a more visible role in the public life of Ragusa.

The city of Ragusa parched the building in the second half of the 19th century. Since it became the seat of the Chancery, it was henceforth known as Palazzo della Cancelleria.

The facade of the building faces a small square where two sets of stairs come together.

What to see

The most striking parts of this facade are the balcony and the entrance. The former is characterized by a wrought iron railing supported by five enormous corbels. The latter is framed by pillars crowned with cupids.

Passing under the arch left of the palace, you can see the blue bell tower of Santa Maria dell’Itria in the distance.

The building on the other side of the arch has a private garden, from where yet another stairway leads directly to Chiesa dell’Itria below. This is thought to have been a shortcut from the Palazzo della Cancelleria to this church.

Palazzo della Cancelleria Ragusa

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