Palazzo delle Poste Syracuse

The Palazzo delle Poste, the former seat of Syracuse‘s post office, is one of the most striking buildings the city and certainly the most famous palazzo built in the Art Nouveau style.

Palazzo delle Poste Syracuse

Useful information

Address: Riva della Posta, 14 – Syracuse.

History and description

Palazzo delle Poste Syracuse
Palazzo delle Poste

The Palazzo delle Poste is located on the west side of the Ponte Umbertino bridge, which is therefore called the Riva della Posta (“Bank of the Post”). The Palazzo delle Poste is also best viewed from this bridge.

It was built in 1934 by the architects Carmelo Florio e Francesco Fichera.

The front facade is characterized by a nine-arched portico superseded by three large rectangular windows crowned by three baroque tympanums.

At the corners between the side walls and the back of the building (which is the side visible from the Ponte Umbertino) are turrets serving as skylights. The bas-reliefs on the turrets depict mythological figures.

The interior consists of spacious rooms decorated with plasterwork and bas-reliefs (very similar to the typical Sicilian Baroque decorations of the 18th century)

Hotel Ortea

The Palazzo delle Poste has recently been renovated. It is now the seat of the five-star luxury hotel Ortea.

Palazzo delle Poste Syracuse

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