Palazzo dello Spagnuolo Naples

The Palazzo dello Spagnuolo is a Baroque building on the edge of the center of Naples. It is not possible to visit the building itself, but the courtyard, one of the most beautiful ones of the city, is freely accessible.

Palazzo dello Spagnuolo Naples

Address, Opening Hours and Entrance Price

Palazzo dello Spagnuolo Naples
Palazzo dello Spagnuolo

The address of the Palazzo Spagnuolo is Via dei Vergini 19 – Metro: Cavour. Bus: C51, C52. The building is not open to the public (though asking doesn’t seem to hurt).

History and description

The biggest attraction of the building is the monumental staircase in the courtyard. It dates back to 1738 and was designed by Ferdinando Sanfelice. It is a double staircase decorated with five arches. The original inhabitants of the palace often used to have their horses climb the stairs so they wouldn’t have to walk all the way up themselves.

Multiple times, the palace has been used as a movie background. Examples are “Processo alla Città” (Luigi Zampa) and “Giudizio Universale” (Vittorio De Sica).

Where to go next

The Palazzo dello Spagnuolo is just one of the many buildings designed by Ferdinando Sanfelice. The very first palazzo where he used what would become his trademark, the double staircase, is the building he designed for himself and his family, the Palazzo Sanfelice (Via Arena della Sanità, 19).

Palazzo dello Spagnuolo, Naples

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