Palazzo di Città Turin

The Palazzo di Città is located in the Piazza di Città in Turin and has served as the city’s town hall since 1472. It was created by joining together several already existing buildings on what was then called the Piazza del Mercato.

Palazzo di Città Turin

Useful information

Address: Piazza Palazzo di Città, 1 – Torino. Phone: +39 011 4421111.

History and description

Before the Palazzo di Città took the job, Turin had been without a proper town hall for centuries and meetings were held and important documents kept in the homes of wealthy and influential families.

In 1472, the first of several buildings in what was then Piazza del Mercato (now Piazza di Città) was acquired. Eventually, these buildings would occupy an entire block. This block then became the town hall.

Between 1659 and 1663 the architect Francesco Lanfranchi completed the construction of what is now the Palazzo di Città.

In 1756 the then royal architect Benedetto Alfieri had a portico built on either side of the façade.

The main hall was remodeled in the 19th century by Lorenzo Lombardi and Ferdinando Bonsignore.

A final renovation took place in the second half of the 19th century, when Giuseppe Talucchi had the central part of the building made higher.

Palazzo di Città Turin

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