Palazzo dei Diavoli Siena

Palazzo dei Diavoli Siena

The Palazzo dei Diavoli in Siena is also known under the name Palazzo dei Turchi. It is located in the Via Cavour, close to the old Porta Camoll├Ča city gate.

Palazzo dei Diavoli Siena

Useful information

Palazzo dei Diavoli Siena
Palazzo dei Diavoli

Address: The Palazzo dei Diavoli is situated at the beginning of the Via Fiorentina, where this streets turns into the Via Cavour.

History and description

The first owners of the Palazzo dei Diavoli were called Guglielmi. They were succeeded by the family Turchi, to whom the palace owes its second name. The entrance to the building still bears the inscription Palatium Turcarum.

The mansion was built in several phases. The central part dates back to the 14th century. Later, a taller wing was added, with a small round tower. In 1516, the chapel was built. This chapel later morphed into the Santa Maria degli Angeli Oratorium. The oratorium is attributed to Antonio Federighi, although it is probable that other architects contributed as well.

According to legend, the palace owes the name Palazzo dei Diavoli (“Devils’ Palace”) to the satanic rites, black masses and orgies that used to take place there. According to others, this is fake news, and the real reason for the name is the victory of Siena over the troops of Pope Clemens VII and the Florentines in 1526. The Sienese army was supposed to be much weaker than their opponents, who nevertheless fled, tails between their legs. The only explanation therefore was the intervention of supernatural powers, i.e. the devil himself.

Palazzo dei Turchi Siena

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