Palazzo Donn’Anna Naples

The Palazzo Donn’Anna is an extremely picturesque historic building in the Posillipo district of Naples. According to tradition, the occupant had men with whom she had spent the night thrown into the sea from the building.

Palazzo Donn’Anna Naples

Address and Opening Hours

The address of the palace is Largo Don’Anna, 9 – 80123 Naples. Bus: 140, 640, N2. The building is not open to the public.

History and Description

Palazzo Donn'Anna Naples
Palazzo Donn’Anna

The Palazzo Donn’Anna is among the most picturesque buildings in Naples.

The palace was built in the 17th century as a wedding present from the Spanish viceroy of Naples, Ramiro Guzman, to his wife Anna Carafa, after whom it is thus also named.

In 1644, Guzman left for Spain, leaving his wife heartbroken.

When Anna subsequently died, the architect Cosimo Fanzago left the project to its own devices and it was never really finished.

The palazzo is located on the site where the Villa “La Serena” was previously located. Here, Queen Jeanne d’Anjou is said to have organized orgies and also to have had the men with whom she had slept thrown into the sea.

Palazzo Donn’Anna, Naples

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