Palazzo Doria-Spinola Genoa

The Palazzo Doria-Spinola is one of the historic palaces in Genoa known as the Palazzi dei Rolli. It was built between 1541 and 1543 for the grandson of the city’s “Father of the Fatherland,” Andrea Doria. It is the current seat of the prefecture and of the Province of Genoa.

Palazzo Doria-Spinola Genoa

Useful information

Palazzo Doria-Spinola Genoa
Frescoed facade and portal.

Address: Palazzo Doria-Spinola, Largo Lanfranco, 1 – Genoa. Only part of the building can be visited by tourists.

History and Description

The Palazzo Doria-Spinola was built between 1541 and 1543.  The owner was the grandson of Andrea Doria, Admiral Antonio Doria, or the Marquis of Santo Stefano d’Aveto.

In 1624, the building came into the hands of the Spinola family. This family continued to own the building for centuries. They immediately had the palazzo enlarged.

In 1797 a floor was added.

In 1850 a small theater was added. This had two entrances. The first one was for the general public and was located where the Santa Caterina Church used to be. The second entrance was for the family only and was located in the courtyard of the building.

In 1870, the Via Roma was constructed and the Piazza Corvetto redesigned. Part of the hall of the Palazzo Doria-Spinola had to make way, as well as part of the right side of the building.

Palazzo Doria- Spinola, what to see

In 1547 Antonio Doria had the vaults of the salon painted by Giovanni Cambiaso and his son Luca. The scenes depicted show the military triumphs of both the Doria family and the Roman emperors.

The highlight of the building is the magnificent courtyard with the double loggia. In 1584, the maps of some Italian cities adorning the upper loggia were painted.

The palazzo boasts a magnificent painted façade. The portal of what is now the Palazzo del Governo is also very nicely decorated.

Palazzo Doria-Spinola Genoa

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