Palazzo Farnese Viterbo

The Palazzo Farnese is a historic building in the Via San Lorenzo in Viterbo. It was built by a noble family, one of whose members even made it to Pope (Paul III).

Palazzo Farnese Viterbo

Address and opening times

Palazzo Farnese Viterbo
Palazzo Farnese

The official address of the Palazzo Farnese is Via Ospedale – Viterbo. The building is not open to the public.

History and description

The history of the Palazzo Farnese begins in 1431, when the treasurer of the church, Ranuccio Farnese, was given the management of the city and had to protect it from the attacks by Fortebraccio and Giacomo di Vico.

However, according to the municipal bylaws, in order to become a resident, he had to purchase a palace in the city. His choice was a building on the right side of the Ponte del Duomo.

Later Cardinal Alessandro Farnese (the future Pope Paul III) moved into the palace, which existed as early as 1278 as part of a hospital and was owned by the Tignosi family.

The most striking aspects of the building are the biforas on the facade and the beautiful courtyard with its magnificent staircase. The entrance is decorated with a unicorn. Irises, the symbol of the Farnese, can be seen all over the facade.

Palazzo Farnese, Viterbo

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